V24 Hummingbird

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V24 Hummingbird[edit]

The V24 Hummingbird is a fictitious VTOL aircraft that uses four F136 Engines (Like what the F35 JSF uses).

It has an internal space measuring (not including the flight deck) 2m wide by 8m long by 2m high that can be isolated into up to 8 pressure isolated compartments.

It also has two M61 guns with room for 600 of the 20 by 127mm rounds, there are also internal spaces for 4 AIM9s and a full ECM kit and decoy dispensers with up to 200 chaff and flare rounds.

It has three 2.5 Ton hard points on each wing for external stores, which are used at the expense of some of its stealth depending on the items added.

It is mainly used for insertion and evacuation of personal deep into and out from enemy territory, it's speed and armaments mean it can work missions that would have been too dangerous for other transporters, it is used by all branches of the US military (In The 'It's All About The Mission' universe).