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Val signing "Val" on Val

Val Magazine is the self-named magazine for teenage girls run by Val, published in New York City, and self-proclaimed "edgy". It ran a "Spend a Day with Val" contest in "The Lost Girls" that Daria won, to the suffering of all involved. Jodie Landon implies the magazine is monocultural and very WASP, and everyone implies it's a terrible magazine whether they mean to or not.

Readers include.... Timothy O'Neill and Angela Li.

Articles include:

  • "What TV's Hottest Hunks Really Think About Your Blackheads."
  • "Val talks to today's brightest young stars about why they love Val."
  • Chili con cheese puffs recipe ("the favorite of some guy named Matt")
  • "My Day With D.: A disturbing true-life look at America's underground bummer culture"


  • The episode is ripping the piss out of Jane Pratt and her self-titled magazine Jane Magazine. Pratt herself was a good sport about it and in 2010 contributed a tongue-in cheek question, "would you parody someone now in order to make a social statement?", to a Tracy Grandstaff interview. In 1999, MTV's episode guides called it "a "Savvy" - like teen magazine" as a cover. The later website feature "Guestward Ho!" nodded to the real source: "Reminiscent of a real-life editor who named a magazine and a talk show after herself. (But her name has four letters, so it's so totally not her!)"