Victory Lane

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Brother Grimace's alternate-universe version of a critical meeting between Jane Lane and Daria Morgendorffer, though under horrific circumstances for the latter.

The "Victory Lane" AU was one of the dystopian worlds visited in the cross-universal fanfic, "Illusions," by CharlieGirl, Angelinhel, and The Angst Guy. This universe is classified as 'Daria-1984' in the Daria Multiverse.

Plot Summary[edit]

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Jane and Daria miss their first meeting in "Esteemsters" by accident; Jane goes on to become an award-winning runner for Lawndale High, but Daria undergoes "re-education" after turning in a disturbing homework assignment and is forced to become more sociable, hiding and denying her real personality and feelings.

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