Vidalia Johanssen

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The best friend of Evelyn Veronica 'Evie' Morgendorffer and friend of Laura Yuriko in Brother Grimace's alternate-universe story, "The Trouble With Veronica."

An attractive young woman of nineteen with closely-cropped brunette hair and crystal-blue eyes, Vidalia is five feet tall (she is referred to as 'shorter than Daria'), with an slightly impulsive nature. As with all students attending Grove Hills, Vidalia is incredibly intelligent; her I.Q. is listed at 173, and she has a natural love of literature and mathematics. She comes from Atlanta, Georgia.

In the Daylight setting (on 'D-1111), it is revealed that Vidalia has become a Ringbearer, has been stationed in Lawndale for a period of time, and has become friends with Claire Defoe. She saves Claire and Anthony DeMartino from the destruction, as well as gifts her with a Defender Ring. She is now based on 'D-247', with the assignment of passive surveillance over the members of the Legion of Lawndale Heroes - although she was one of the many Ringbearers recalled for the Second Battle of Perth, the climactic point of the Great Zack Walkabout. She was one of the Ringbearers who was in the combat drop from the Sky Vault Masada when it was dispatched to 'D-159'... the single recorded instance in Ringbearer history of a Sky Vault actually engaging in battle.

Vidalia's elemental affinity is Earth, and her Defender Ring appears as a band seeming to be made of hundreds of tiny silver filaments woven together with seven tiny sapphires set into the weave.