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Vince Rogers is a student at Lawndale High in Kara Wild's Driven Wild Universe. In "In Her Own Words", it is established that he founded the underground newspaper.


Vincent, or Vince, is the name Wild gave the background character known as "Shaggy" on the series proper. Vince is a loner who often cuts class and focuses most of his energy on the underground newspaper which he founded. His constant absences from English result in O'Neill getting Daria to tutor him. After reading Daria's writing, Vince convinces her to join the underground, feeling that she would be a good influence on the other staffers.

He is often abrasive and difficult to figure out. As Andrea tells Daria, "He makes me look like a socialite." One thing is certain: he takes his newspaper and his role to report accurate, non-mainstream news very seriously. The other staffers on the paper irritate him because they seem more interested in the fun than in being good journalists, and he is jealous of his "friend" Damien Crawley because of the authority he has over them. Vince is also a person of high ethics. He questions the merits of a database Damien is putting together, and as a result, may have been framed for writing an unflattering article about Ms. Li. The result is that Vince's parents pull him out of public school, and Vince laments to Daria over the newspaper's fate.

Daria admires Vince for his dedication, but even she feels that his misanthropy edges on the extreme. She believes that a lot of his problems could have been lessened if he'd had even one member of the staff speak up on his behalf. In Vince, Daria sees herself, and through him understands that there must be limits to her cynicism.


"I'm not cheerful or fun, and I can't spew bullshit with ease."

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