Visa Infinite

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Similar to the American Express Centurion Card (created by the company in order to take advantage of the urban legend of an 'American Express Black Card' with astronomical purchasing power, the Visa Infinite credit card is found in Daria fanfics written by Brother Grimace.

Featuring a holographic fractal image that covers the entire face of the card, the Visa Infinite card is one of the world's most coveted status symbols, as less than a thousand cards exist (and the company has no plans to ever make more than one thousand). The cards are useful in a number of ways:

  • They are immediate identifiers of the holder and (in many exclusive areas) serve as identification.
  • The cards can be used to facilitate immediate financial transactions dealing with immense wealth (the credit limit on the card is unrevealed, but it is most certainly in the upper eight digits).
  • Visa Infinite holders are immediately given VIP/exclusive privileges in any establishment they may go to and are shown every courtesy possible (for example, other individuals may be 'bumped' from Broadway performances so that cardholders may have preferred seating at those events).
  • A holder of a Visa Infinite card can make vastly larger cash withdrawals from financial institutions or ATM machines than the average cardholder (up to $5,000 from an ATM per day, or up to $500,000 from a bank). In addition, a cardholder may contact Visa and have them authorize a cash disbursement through the financial institution of up to $10,000,000. Of course, identification and a plausible reason for the disbursement will need to be forthcoming.

In Legion of Lawndale Heroes 12:6, Daria, Jane and Quinn, as the heirs of Russell Stark's fortune, find that each has a Visa Infinite card in her name, and that Dawn Hall had not wanted to release the cards at all, but finally relinquished them to Kyle Armalin after conversation.