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Our advertisers sell lots of items that will help you maintain your popular status

—Waif, The Daria Diaries,

Waif is a teenage girl's magazine read by the Fashion Club.

In "The Daria Hunter", they swear an oath on a copy of it. In "The Story of D", they are betrayed by it when Waif's "What's Hot and What's Rot" column contradicts everything they've been claiming.

"The Daria Diaries" shows Quinn's classmate "Ruby" has modelled for Waif, being the example photo of a popular person for their "How Popular Are You" quiz. The quiz is very clear that you need to do lots and lots and lots of work to be popular, and that their friends the advertisers have a lot of products that can help you! 'Correct' answers in the quiz, as answered by Quinn, include that your ideal guy should be super-rich ("loves me" gets you 0 points), your social circle should be "people I don't like but I want everyone else to know I hang out with", dismiss any unpopular sister, and ideally you should be unable to see any unpopular people (Quinn can only manage the 1-point answer, pretending she can't see them).