We All Fall Down

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Writers Brother Grimace and Angelinhel were entered into a "write-off" in which they each had to write three stories, the main ideas of which were designed by other PPMB board members. After submission, readers voted for whose story better exemplified the idea proposed. Best two out of three won the write-off.

We All Fall Down was Angelinhel's response to the second challenge of the three-part series. The framework for the story was issued by atimnie: Write a fic featuring the Fashion Club, in which Sandi becomes anorexic, Tiffany becomes fat, Quinn becomes disfigured, and Stacy defeats Daria in a battle of wits.

Nominated for the 2005 Bootie "Favourite School-Centered (Lawndale High)."

Plot Summary[edit]

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

It is the day after Quinn's junior prom and she rises late. Her mother reminds her of an appointment later that afternoon, to which Quinn replies her friend, Stacy will take her. The Fashion Club has broken up due to the President, Sandi, having been admitted to an in-patient program for severe anorexia, and the Treasurer, Tiffany, having been forced into taking anti-anxiety medication causing a heavy weight gain. Helen admonishes Quinn for thinking less of her former friends for their sudden changes in appearence, obviously skirting around some important issue.

As Quinn gets ready, Stacy arrives and Daria lets her in. Thanking Stacy for being a good friend to Quinn, she finds out it was Stacy who was responsible for reporting the problems that led to Sandi's admittance to the hospital and Tiffany's diagnosis of OCD. Suddenly suspicous, Daria wonders if Stacy played a part in the dissolution of the Fashion Club, in which she emerged as the only one unscathed, going so far as to be crowned Junior Prom Queen instead of Quinn.

As she and Quinn leave, Stacy's thoughts reveal Quinn had been in a serious car accident and was facially disfigured. The psychological shock upon seeing the damage caused Quinn to bury the memory and even render her unable to see the extensive scars marring her face. The appointment Stacy took her to three times a week was to a psychologist, to help Quinn come to terms with her disfigurment. Her thoughts also show Stacy had intentionally destroyed her friends, both physically and psychologically, in order to finally rise to the top of their heirarchy.


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