Wesen bioshell

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Wesen bioshells are artificially created humanoids in the Legion of Lawndale Heroes universe.

With the massive influx of technological gains caused by the appearance of hyper-intelligent metahumans in this reality, as well as the biological and medical advances made as well, Weyland Industries began creating artificial humans in the late 1970's for the purposes of harvesting organs for critically ill and injured humans. However, with the passage of the Bowman Acts, the creation of artificial humans for that purpose was made illegal, as was the creation of artificial humans for the express purpose of combat infantry. With some retooling, Weyland Industries began a very low-key program (but legal) business of offering to use the genetic material of persons who wanted to have children but couldn't for various reasons, and 'birthing' children for them. The program was and continues to be a resounding and lucrative success through the elite of the world, who can afford to pay the exorbitant price for an actual genetic heir.

The 'bioshells' (the technical term) are in all respects full human in every respect, save for the fact that all Wesen bioshells possess superhuman physical capabilities and are bioengineered in what Robert A. Heinlein refers to as 'reversible-sterile' condition (as a precautionary measure; the Wesen bioshells are led to believe that they cannot reproduce). However, they are indistinguishable from normal-stock humans or metahumans. If the buyer wishes, the bioshell can be modulated in any way feasible, including being able to breed normally.

At present, the only confirmed Wesen bioshell seen is Cecilia Foley. It was at one time believed that Stacy Rowe might have been killed and replaced with a bioshell, but it was later found that she was under a hypnotic conditioning that led her to believe that she was an artificial human.