Wet Behind the Rears

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Juuuuuuuuust about visible...

Wet Behind the Rears is an episode of Beavis and Butt-head which aired on January 29, 1995. It was written by Krisofor Brown.


Beavis and Butt-head are doing their part in a PE lesson, i.e. sitting down, doing nothing, and huh-huh-ing about "pole vaulters". A javelin ends up spearing Beavis' hand to the grass, much to the amusement of Butt-head (and Beavis). The class is then ordered to the showers by Coach Buzzcut, who is later bewildered to see the buttmunches wandering off to class instead of bathing: "We thought you were, like, talking to somebody else." Buzzcut angrily tells them they're covered in crap; Beavis corrects him, saying that was last week and this week it's just blood, but this cuts no muster. As part of Physical Education, they need to learn proper hygiene and to their horror, they're told they better hit the showers or Buzzcut will undress them himself.

The buttmunches remark how this sucks and they don't want to look at "some dude's schlong" (Butt-head demands Beavis not look at him), while (naked) classmate Dean Zunker is amazed that they're finally going to take a shower. The concept of a naked male butt scares the two into the now-clear showers, but they're wearing underwear as they go in; when Buzzcut asks why, Beavis explains they don't want anyone looking at their nads. When Butt-head asks if Buzzcut is "one of those gym teachers that likes looking at dudes in the shower", the enraged Coach threatens to... but wait! A fire alarm sounds! Everyone has to leave! Butt-head remarks they've been saved...

...except Buzzcut won't let them get dressed before they evacuate, screaming at them they need to get out NOW or he'll DRAG them out. So out they go, pausing in fear at the doors, and needing to be pushed...

  • Daria: Hey look, it's Beavis and Butt-head!

Everyone laughs (including Daria) at the pitiful sight... and in the school, next to the fire alarm he pressed, Principal McVicker cackles and he & Buzzcut congratulate themselves on a successful plan...


  • Daria isn't seen speaking - but since she's part of the crowd and the voice sounds more like her than any of the other schoolgirl characters, it's assumed to be her.
  • This is only one of three speaking parts for Daria in 1995 and off-screen, though she has a significant non-speaking bit in "It's a Miserable Life". After that, she only gets a role in two episodes in two years - a contrast to eleven episodes across 1993 and 1994. In 1995, MTV was already at work on Daria's own show and in circumstances that had annoyed Mike Judge (who felt MTV were deliberately leaving him out). Either reason may explain Daria's drop-off in appearances (though she continued to be a regular in the comics).