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William Abbey is a villain introduced in the serial "Legion of Lawndale Heroes". He makes his first appearance in Volume 6, Part 5 ("Snapshot in Time".) His future self is a member of the Dark Legion.

First appearance[edit]

The first appearance of William Abbey is from several years in the future. Using unknown technology, the Dark Legion sends a remote controlled module through time back to the early morning of May 18, 2005. The Dark Legion is aware from the historical record that the Legion will be gathered in one place.

A psionic signal is sent through time, using William Abbey's mental powers. This allows the Dark Legion to enter the dreams of their counterparts and challenge them. Abbey is sent to battle Daria Morgendorffer and Sandi Griffin, undoubtedly due to the similarity of Abbey's powers and Daria's.

However, through Daria's help, the Legionnaires figure out how to enter each other's dreams. Before the Dark Legion could be defeated, the time traveling equipment used by the Legion was destroyed by the mysterious being known as Chrona. The Dark Legion was knocked unconscious and taken into custody by a future version of the Legion.


William Abbey's powers are very similar to the powers of Legionnaire Daria Morgendorffer. It is not known precisely how similar those powers are, or which of the two is the most powerful.

A device powered by Abbey's mind interfaced with the minds of three sleeping Legionnaires, allowing the minds of the Dark Legion to enter these dreams and face their counterparts. Abbey seemed to have no trouble guiding several minds, although he might have been technologically assisted. He was even able to provide detail to his semi-constructed dream universes (but was caught when Daria Morgendorffer noticed that light pollution from the city in her dream was not blocking out starlight, allowing her the confidence to break free).

Abbey possesses at the very least telepathy, and might not need to be within "line of sight" to active this power. He can also psionically assault targets with a general "mental blast" which causes pain to the target.

Abbey (or at least the Dreamverse version of Abbey) was able to fly, although a mysterious ring with a lower case "L" was mentioned.


  • Abbey takes a "middle aged" appearance in Daria's universe. If Paul Martinez's comment that he has known Penny Lane "over ten years" is accurate, then Abbey is at least twenty-five in the "present day" of the LLH timeline.
  • From LLH 6.8 ("Back and Forth")

>:--Then, if it weren't a dream, why would you go to all this trouble with zombies? Why wouldn't you just hire a sniper and kill both of us?--:<

Because I enjoy watching you cope with the terror. To some small degree, it excites me. But the excitement is more mental than carnal. The 'why' in your eyes as you go under will be exquisite.