Williams Hall

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Williams Hall is one of the three First Academy residence halls on the campus of the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies (the other two being Boruszkowski Hall and Cocking Hall). Cadets who have civilian status (such as Tiffany Blum-Deckler), as well as cadets that are attending USAES at the request of other nations, spend their first year at Williams Hall before being assigned to other quarters, where they take a slate of special enhanced- indoctrination and 'cultural awareness' classes to help them assimilate into life at USAES with a minimum of stress. Foreign students also attend special seminars on American culture (in order to avoid mistakes such as reacting to individuals according to the way that television and film depicts them).

In addition to the special-status cadets bunking there, the eighth, ninth and tenth floors of Williams Hall have been designated as 'intensive study' floors, and operate under very stringent rules regarding cadet behavior. (Those floors are also quite comfortable; students residing there receive special privileges, such as a special dining area on the ninth floor, and an exclusive menu.) Any Cadet First and Second Year at USAES who has shown exemplary behavior, and is pursuing an extremely rigorous academic path, may request living quarters there.

Williams Hall has a gymnasium in the area occupied by a cafeteria in the Gilmore Hall and Swedlund Hall; Academy inter-mural sports appropriate for the venue (basketball, dodge-ball, volleyball, etc.) are played here.