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Leeville is a fictional town presented in the episode "I Don't." The Windsor Hills Resort in Leeville is the site of Erin and Brian's wedding. Based on Jake's comments, the Windsor Hills Resort is a very expensive place to host an event and is famous for its golf course.

Fan Speculation[edit]

The accents of many in the wedding party imply that this is located in a southern state. Based on the fact that the Morgendorffers were able to drive to Leeville from Lawndale the morning of the wedding, that would imply that the two towns are not that far apart.

Fan speculation uses Leeville as a substitute for Leesburg, Virginia. Leesburg is in northern Virginia and within a 1-2 hour drive of Baltimore, Maryland. Fanfiction often assumes that Lawndale is a suburb of Baltimore. There is also a large golf resort just outside of Leesburg that is similar to the Windsor Hills Resort.

Businesses in Leeville[edit]

Windsor Hills Resort[edit]

Windsor Hill(s) Resort (an official MTV picture whose name here doesn't exactly jibe with the series)

A large resort facility in Leeville that appeared in the episode "I Don't." It is the setting for the marriage of Erin Chambers and Brian Danielson. Jake states that Windsor Hills is known for the "legendary thirteenth hole" on its golf course.

Leeville Lanes

Leeville Lanes[edit]

A bowling alley in Leeville. Daria and her Aunt Amy come here for chili cheese fries when they abandon the disintegrating wedding reception in "I Don't."