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Wouter Jaegers is an artist and fanfic writer.

Daria Morgendorffer as drawn by Wouter, this picture showing perfectly his signature mix of humor and erotica

Biographical Information[edit]

Wouter draws cartoon stories of Daria characters in an anime inflected style. He lives in the Netherlands.

Much of Wouter's work is Dariarotica, and is characterized by often hilarious situations and clever punchlines.

A keen guitarist, Wouter plays in the Dutch metal band Slavantas and records reggae versions of well known songs under the Rasta Frank moniker.

Dariarotica Comics drawn by Wouter Jaegers[edit]

- All Natural Behaviour A stay over at Jane's turns interesting when Trent arrives home from a music festival totally trashed.

- The Invitation revised "The Invitation" seen from Jane's perspective, what really happened with Bobby Bighead in the laundry room.

- The Triple cross club Daria while attending Raft decides that joining a club might not be such a bad idea.

- Party at Lindy's Lindy, Quinn's friend from work in "Is it college yet?" throws a party and Quinn discovers that it's not the kind of party she normally would attend but then there's that cute guy who's also attending.

- A shower, how relaxing Daria decides that a bath is needed and calls everybody out on it.

- Growing pains The now 21 year old Jane has been through a final growth spurt, giving her the body of an adult woman, but she's not yet comfortable with her new body, Daria decides to be a good friend and help Jane to see the merits in having a taller developed body. But is the rest of the world ready for Jane as an adult woman?

- Big Sister's Great Adventure With Jodie off to college, Rachel and Evan decide to join forces to handle their bossy parents. Meanwhile Jodie herself has also moved on to include a very big thing to her list of accomplishments.

- The Camp we all used to fear Daria's friend Amelia gets the chance to take over Camp Grizzly and one of the volunteers she hires is a teenage boy named Link, who seems a lot like her old friend from childhood.

- Through a Webcam Lens Darkly Sandi's younger brothers Sam and Chris decide to go high tech in their quest to get close to the woman of their dreams, unfortunately their plan is thwarted when their webcam is placed in a different room.

- Keeping Track of Fantasies Ten years after her success as a track star, Jane decides to pay a visit to Lawndale high's stadium, while there she lets her fantasies run wild.

- I trust you Four years after graduation from Lawndale high, Daria is attending a party at the Lane household. While there she's reminded of a dark secret she's been carrying for years, but who can she trust to keep that secret to themselves?

- A Tight situation Stacy has been assigned to try out panties made from a new fat-free, skin enhancing, 100% natural synthetic material in order to find out if it gets the Fashion Club's approval. The material doesn't exactly live up to it's claims.

- Brushed off Jane goes shopping for new art supplies and finds that there are more uses for the gear she ends up buying.

- Dinner at Tiffany's Tiffany having swapped dates with Sandi is going on a date to watch a movie with Robert, it would have been a normal date if it weren't for the fact that Robert took the wrong movie tickets with him...

- Problem Child A spin off comic based on Shiva's ongoing "Sexy Daria" series. "Problem child" is about Daria placing herself in the shoes of Sexy Daria and pointing out how different and yet how similar things would be if she were "Little-miss-can't-resist-her."

Notable Fanon characters created by Wouter[edit]

- Suzanne Morgendorffer Daughter of Daria and Trent who appears in "Art-I-fact"

- Megan O'Neill Daughter of Ms. Barch and Mr. O'Neil, and Suzanne Morgendorffer's best friend.

- Bruce Farlaine Quinn's boyfriend in "Party at Lindy's", he appeared earlier as Quinn's future husband in "Art-I-Fact"

-Count Ickula The lead character in a one-off comic in which Daria tells a bed time story to Tad and Tricia Gupty about the tale of a Vampire who's into skin care.

Daria Fanworks Awards[edit]

1st Daria Fanworks Awards

  • Favourite Comic Visual for A Daria Halloween Tale
  • Favourite Erotic (tie) for All Natural Behaviour

3rd Daria Fanworks Awards

  • Favorite Erotic for Party at Lindy's

External Links[edit]

Wouter Jaegers's fanfic at Outpost Daria (via Wayback Machine)