You Know You've Done Something Wrong

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If you can't judge a book by its cover, what's the cover for?

You Know You've Done Something Wrong is an unofficial sequel to TAG's "And When Your Heart Begins to Bleed", written by YouthofOz.

Written in posts alternating between elaborate italicised prose, more straightforward text, and scriptfic, it is presented as a trio of omniscient beings arguing with each other as they describing the events that followed the emotional trauma of "And When". These narrators are taken from an old comic strip by the same author and inspired, in a roundabout way, by him not liking the ghost narrator of the novel Death of a She-Devil

YouthofOz has described it as a "fix-it fic", though fixing it takes the reader in a heart of darkness tour around characters suffering bereavement, Daria losing all her certainties, and Jane accused of Sandi's murder.

Consider that this big ambitious fanfic was his very first Daria fic!

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