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YouthofOz is a prolific Australian fan, making his debut at the start of 2019. The user name is taken from an original comic strip he had published entitled oddly-enough The Youth of Australia, as his real name Ewen Campion-Clarke was given to him by his parents. Bibliography

   28 Darias Later - a gene causing cynical and sarcastic behavior goes viral
   Birthday Blues - someone at their lowest ebb gets a reminder they are loved
   Breaking Even - Mr. DeMartino and Kevin try to cook meth for fun and profit
   Burning Ambition - a song on a radio inspires a girl to rethink her outlook on life
   Chopped - an Iron Chef challenge for an adult Daria and Jane
   The Crooked Smile - when Daria finally achieves happiness, Lawndale High is completely unprepared for what comes next - available here
   Daria Meets God - but unfortunately, God can't make the appointment
   Digest Readers - the short story rejected in The Story of D
   Don't Shoot The Messenger - Quinn's pregnant, and wants Daria to break the news
   Fire In My Hole - it's a beautiful day for a bonfire
   Ghost in the Skull - Melody Powers' brain is transplanted into a new body
   An Honest Musician - just one of many songs Mystik Spiral will never perform
   K9 and Cynicism: A Girl's Best Alibi - can Daria and Jane be trusted with a robot dog from the future?
   The Kindness of Strangers - a common enemy forges an unlikely friendship
   Life at First Sight - the true relationship between Daria and Sandi is finally revealed
   Life That Dare Not Speak Its Name - can you ever be "just friends" with the girl you love?
   Life Is A Four-Lettered Word - Sandi Griffin is running on empty
   Daria Who? Last of the Time Cynics - the 2017 Christmas special "Twice Upon An Anticlimax" and you probably know what this is a crossover with
   The Other Foot - Helen Morgendorffer's daughter is suffering severe depression and only one person can save her - available here
   You Know You've Done Something Wrong - when Jane is wrongly accused of murder, Daria must choose whether or not to save the friend that betrayed her - available here