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Zoey Marguerite Robertson is a fictional character in the Legion of Lawndale Heroes fanfiction series. First introduced in LLH 12:6, 'Bop Til You Drop', she is a Cadet Second Class at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies, and a member of Training Cadre 2996, also knows informally as 'The Alliance'.


The oldest of three children (two daughters and an infant son) born to a wealthy interracial couple (Black mother and White father) living in the Northern California city of Verona Beach (where they are the current headmistress and master weaponsmith of a martial-arts institute that actually trains fighters in secret to defend humanity from all threats), Zoey Robertson was born with mutant abilities that manifested when she was four years old. In order to help her control her powers and gain a sense of self-control, her parents had her intensely trained in various forms of martial arts and physical skills. At age eleven, the Robertson family was approached by USAES representatives; Zoey was recruited for the Academy and specifically placed in Training Cadre 2996.

An attractive young woman, Zoey is slender and attractive, with honey-colored skin and hair (which she has allowed to grow to an exceptionally long length) and sea-green eyes. She stands 6'1 in height, and weighs 135 pounds; Zoey has the gently rounded proportions of a supermodel, and gets annoyed when people refer to her as 'the tree' or 'the stick'). She is pleasant in general and especially to her friends, but does have an elitist mentality towards other metahumans (especially towards metahumans without her lifetime of training, who she has little respect for).


Zoey is easily the single best hand-to-hand combatant within The Alliance, with a lifetime of training in Aikido, Tae Kwan Do, Jeet Kune Do and Ninjitsu (supplemented with training at the Wind Ninja Academy, which she attended from ages six to eleven (including two years living full-time at the Academy starting at age nine, which she left to attend USAES). She is especially proficient in fighting with thrown weapons, spears, javelins (her personal specialty) and the 'bo staff'.

Zoey also has her Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate (EMT-I) certification. During her internship year (as a Cadet Third Class), Zoey was assigned to a duty station as a U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Enforcement Specialist, with the rank of Ensign; she possessed full Federal police powers, and was authorized to carry a badge, firearms and make arrests. Even after returning to USAES, she still possesses discretionary police powers (as a reserve officer).

Zoey is majoring in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. She has already earned her SCUBA certifications (she is an expert diver), and spent her internship year with a Florida Coast Guard unit (with a brevet rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade); consequently, Zoey was the only member of The Alliance to see action in New Orleans as a result of the Hurricane Katrina crisis. (Since the temporal alterations caused by the 'Judith Conflict', this has been changed; thus, Zoey was the only 'Alliance' member to be deployed to the Gulf Coast for hurricane rescue and relief efforts in late 2017.) Zoey speaks Spanish like a native of a Latin American country (and has the accent of a native of Columbia, because of her nanny, whose family came from Bogotá. She also swears in Spanish). She is also a VERY fashion-conscious individual, and is very knowledgeable in current and classical clothing fashion trends and styles. Despite her personality, Zoey is one of the smartest members of The Alliance, and can pick up new skills (even highly technical ones) in a very short time. She is also carrying a perfect 4.0 GPA.

In June of 2018, Zoey is scheduled to graduate with the USAES Class of 2018. She graduated second in her class (behind Sherrie Klein) and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, with a major in Administration of Justice. Because of her overall record and achievements, she will receive a commission as a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the U.S. Coast Guard.


Enhanced Physical Attributes: Zoey was born with enhanced attributes due to her mutant physiology. She possesses superhuman vision (telescopic, infra-red and protected vision (she cannot be blinded by any means), strength (she can lift up to 2000 pounds, or 400 with no effort) and preternatural agility that gives her equivalent tumbling and acrobatic abilities to that of an Olympic-class gymnast. As a result of her powers, Zoey can attack objects and persons at literally 'line-of-sight' range (anything she can see, she can try to hit).

Combat Sense: Another of Zoey's powers is a low-level 'combat-sense', which gives her the ability to detect danger, as well as the general level of threat and the direction it is approaching from. She can sense imminent danger up to twenty seconds out, allowing her time to evade, escape or counter the threat. It is this ability that makes her such a dangerous threat in hand-to-hand; however, powers that dampen psi-abilities can nullify her power, and it may not function against some persons if she doesn't register or consider them as a threat (which she learned fighting Sandi Griffin in Legion of Lawndale Heroes 12:6). Zoey must consciously activate her combat sense, and it cannot remain active indefinitely (she must deactivate it for roughly one-half the time period it was active or it will not function).

Enhanced Physical Resistances: Zoey also possesses a limited form of invulnerability. She is totally resistant to any force below the effect of a 'Tomahawk' cruise missile with a conventional warhead (roughly 1000 pounds of explosive), as well as other forms of harm (corrosives, gases, lasers, etc.). Her effective 'time of resistance' has been charted at roughly 10 minutes before she begins to feel the effect of the weapons (this is relation to the intensity/time of lethal effect upon an average human).

Zoey's primary ability is the creation of 'javelins' of various forms through the power of her mind. These 'javelins' materialize in her hand(s), and can be of varying effects. At present, she has created the following forms of Javelins:

  • normal (with razor tips)
  • blunt-tipped (for hand-to-hand combat)
  • explosive (variable effect; up to a 500-pound bomb)
  • monofilament-tipped (armor-piercing) explosive
  • Thermal (generates extreme levels of heat upon contact/Zoey's mental command; Zoey can modulate the heat levels to use the javelins for warmth. A thermal javelin used in this manner can last up to forty-eight hours.)
  • 'Thunderbolt' (produces a concussive blast rated at 200 decibels/UV-shielded photonic burst rated at 10 million candlepower that can render even most metahumans unconscious)
  • Vapor (after release, emits a rapidly expanding fine cloud of tranquilizing mists that will harmlessly render targets unconscious)
  • 'Containment Mist' (upon contact, the javelin releases a odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that - thirty seconds later - changes into a thick, gelatinous (and gas-permeable) fluid that captures and pacifies the target (the mist has an active sedation agent that is absorbed through the skin)
  • 'Resonance' (emits a mystically-based vibratory pulse that causes the javelin to go into a constant state of interdimensional phase-shifting, thus being able to affect even out-of-phase and mystically-empowered targets)
  • Plasma (the equal effect of a heavy plasma blast; she can also use the javelin to project plasma blasts)
  • Stun (blunt-topped; emits a electrostatic pulse on contact - using two allows a electric bolt to be projected at a target)
  • Pyro (generates superheated packets of liquefied plasma on contact)
  • Napalm (creates a massive firestorm effect upon impact; 200-meter area of effect)
  • Cryo (instantly drops the temperature of the target area upon impact; 300-meter area of impact)
  • Blackout (generates a disruption field that disrupts all EM-fields in a 1/4 mile radius for 60 seconds)
  • Nullifier (upon contact, emits both a neural pulse and a contact enzyme that can render a metahuman powerless for up to three minutes; very powerful beings will suffer a significant decrease in power levels)
  • EMP (causes a electromagnetic pulse that will destroy or severely damage any electronics in a 500-meter radius)
  • Microwave Repulsion (generates a field of microwaves that will make organic beings immediately retreat from the area of exposure)
  • Shield Generation (creates a spherical energy shield with Zoey's level of invulnerability/resistance that lasts for 90 seconds.)
  • Nuclear (detonates with force and effects equal to a 1- to 50-kiloton nuclear device. Zoey can choose the power levels of her javelins, time to detonation (up to ten minutes after being thrown, on contact or upon mental command) and can deactivate them at will.

All of Zoey's javelins can be immediately dissipated by her mental command, or if she is rendered unconscious. It is physically and mentally draining for Zoey to create her 'javelins', and she can only create roughly one hundred (of any type) within a 24-hour period before she must rest.

Zoey also possesses several mystic-oriented abilities gained during her time at the Wind Ninja Academy: these include the ability to walk on water, to move at superhuman speeds for a limited period of time, the ability to render herself 'invisible' to normal sight', to control small volumes of water, to summon water for offensive purposes or sustenance, and to exist underwater for an indefinite period of time.



Zoey was given a battlesuit by Professor Hiram Blumenberg, the mentor for The Alliance. It allows her to operate underwater, and has various modifications made to allow Zoey to engage in undersea combat. For unknown reasons, Blumenberg named the device the 'Victory' battlesuit; as homage to him after his death, Zoey has taken on the battlesuit's name as her own Alliance code-name.

The battlesuit can be stored inside the 'subspace' containment chamber inside the wrist-worn 'activator' the Professor also created for Zoey. The activator is very similar in many respects to the 'Morphers' use by Power Rangers, and was almost certainly inspired by them; the activator is voice-activated (and cued to Zoey's voiceprint); the activation code is ' Power of Victory! '

Zoey no longer uses the suit, and has given it to her parents for safekeeping.