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A horror or adventure fanfic that involves a struggle for survival against flesh-eating zombie antagonists, from one to several billion. The "zombies" might technically be skeletons, ghouls, vampires, other forms of undead beings, or even insane, plague-ridden humans, but the net result (being slain and destroyed as a human being, and likely consumed at the same time) is the same.

The literary and cultural origins of zombiefic are detailed in the Wikipedia entry under "External Links," below. Most fans will be familiar with the source material (Night of the Living Dead, etc.), so it won't be repeated here. Daria zombiefic tends to repeat the same themes of horror and survival found in the mainstream zombiefic genre.

Certain fanfic writers believe that zombiefics are the purest form of grand entertainment and any writer should be worshiped for writing one. Others feel that the field has recently become overrepresented. Zombiefics have been around in Daria fandom since 2000, at least. (As an aside, it is interesting how often the word "zombie" is referenced in all forms of Daria fanfiction, particularly with regards to the Fashion Club, a.k.a. "fashion zombies.")

Zombies in Daria Fanfic[edit]

Most zombiefics in this fandom follow the basic formula of Night of the Living Dead or a like tale (I Am Legend, The Omega Man, etc.), with a few variations. A handful of humans (Daria cast) who survived some bizarre disaster find themselves battling hordes of carnivorous undead or their close equivalent.

The Tales of the Ringbearers series makes extensive use of unexplained zombie outbreaks in various Dariaverses, battled by Ringbearers who are often members of the Daria cast or are shared characters connected to one of more Dariaverses.

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