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Living Dead Girls - 01 - Living Dead Girls[edit]

Living Dead Girls is the episode where the Living Dead Girls universe visibly departs from the official Daria and Angel storylines.

Jane is revealed to Daria to be a vampire.

Daria doesn't have a problem with this.

Tiffany Blum-Deckler does, but that's her job, because she's a vampire slayer.

A confrontation with Tiffany occurs in the library, and Daria and Jane get suspended.

It is then revealed to them that Stacy Rowe is dead and her likeness is in fact Illyria, who had infested Stacy in parasite form, Illyria then experiences some kind of abdominal pain and accused Daria of attempting to kill her before leaving them.

Later, Tiffany attempts to kill Jane again, Daria assists in Jane's escape, and Tiffany goes off after Jane.

Tiffany later returns and interrogates Daria, but is interrupted by Willow and Faith, who show up looking for any newly activated slayer they can find.

During this interruption, Illyria abducts Daria for a quiet chat at her temple, and Faith and Willow assist Tiffany in hunting Jane.

After Illyria's done interrogating Daria, she abducts Willow, depositing Daria at Tiffany and Faith's feet, they then have a go at Daria for supposedly leading Illyria to abduct Willow, but quickly decide to move on, leaving Daria to return home.

Winifred and Wesley of Angel Investigations (And Wolfram and Hart LA) are in the process of breifing Angel on how Illyria is overloading and how they intend to use a mutari generator to dump the blast energy into another universe when Illyria, unable to get anything useful out of Willow, abducts Winifred dumping Willow at Wesley's feet.

Willow and Wesley contact Faith and Tiffany, and Willow uses a spell to teleport the equipment to them so they can ambush Illyria, except Faith and Tiffany are unable to carry out the mission, they decide they need the help of someone smart, and about the only person Tiffany can suggest is this brunette haired girl with glasses, usually dressed in heavy boots, black pleated skirt, a green jacket and orange teeshirt who doesn't make friends that easilly.

A girl who also happens to be someone Tiffany earlier tortured and whose friend Tiffany was trying to kill.


After a short round of trading where Faith gave a load of apologies and Daria gave a load of improvised explosive devices, Daria and Faith hammered out an agreement where Daria carries out the mission for them and saves the world.

The episode ends with Illyria less able (no longer able to walk through dimensions, speed or slow time, or talk to plants), Jane rooming with a vampire bat ... shit, and Tiffany flying to meet Giles at the Watcher's Council for a debreif.


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