A.A. A.O.K.

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A.A. A.O.K. is a fanfic written by Kara Wild in fall of 2000 under the pseudonym "Carrie D. Wildly." It is the third "episode" of the Abruptly Amy series (including the pilot) and the second written by Wild.


The Barksdales learn that Andrea's mother is in town and Amy fears that she will try to take Andrea away. She therefore enlists the aid of Helen to win custody of Andrea in court. However, Helen has plans of her own.


  • This episode makes full use of the Evil Helen stereotype pervasive in early Daria fanfiction.
  • Andrea and her mother have the last name, "Hecuba," which comes from Andrea's comic in the Daria Diaries (she refers to herself as "Queen Hecuba"). Hecuba became her de facto last name after the series failed to provide her with one. Danny Bronstein is believed to be the first person to call her "Andrea Hecuba."
  • Daria, Quinn, and Jake make cameo appearances, where they lament having to be involved in this train wreck of a spinoff.

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