A Distant Lawndale

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A Distant Lawndale is a fan fiction by Arena del Sur. It's a crossover with Jiro Taniguchi's manga Harukana Machi-E (A Distant Neighborhood).

Plot Summary[edit]

A 34 years old family woman, married with a daughter, and published writer, Daria Morgendorffer goes to an involuntary return to Lawndale. When she comes to Jake's tomb, she is projected to her past, to the girl she was at 17, to live again a part of her adolescence, keeping her personality and adult experience. Questioning her parents, Jane and Tom, her school mates, Daria took conscience of many details in her past that went by unnoticed, and for the first time she is in condition to understand her parents. And day after day, while the year goes to its end and she tries to find a path back to her adult life with her husband and daughter, Daria realizes that she was closer to relive a past tragedy.

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