Academic Imprisonment

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Academic Imprisonment is the name of an essay written by Quinn Morgendorffer in the episode "Quinn the Brain".

Quinn is told that she has to get an "A" on her next essay by Mr. O'Neill or risk failing English class. Quinn tries to get Daria to write the essay for her, but when Daria refuses, Quinn is forced to write it herself. Though embarrassed when Mr. O'Neill reads the essay in class, Quinn receives an "A" for the essay and her parents are very happy, which makes Daria very unhappy.

The entire essay is not read in Quinn the Brain, but a complete text of the essay can be found in The Daria Database, though the text in the Daria Database differs slightly from the part that was read aloud on the episode.

So go ahead! Lock me up with your homework and your tests! Rob my freedom with your reading and your thinking! As far as I'm concerned, the only difference between school and prison is the wardrobe. Or do you want to take away my outfits, too? —Quinn Morgendorffer, "Academic Imprisonment"