Baptism Of Fire

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03 - Baptism of Fire[edit]

Daria shows up for her job as school librarian under the name of Joy Merryweather.

She takes over watching Tiffany as Amy Madison shows up with Drusilla, and Brian and Erin (now vampires) to try to take over Lawndale, and then, THE WORLD! (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa!)

Yeah, anyway, Daria, Jane and Tiffany are on patrol and Jane, who had formally roomed with Drusilla, identified her and they carried out surveillance on the group of one witch and two vampyrs (Erin having been sidetracked by her cover).

When they enter the house Erin had tricked her way into, the victim cries out and Tiffany and Daria interdict, killing Erin and Brian, and knocking out Drusilla before Amy picks up Drusilla and leaves, Jane follows her back to base.

Daria and Tiffany catch up with Jane and they all attack, but end up trapped in an empty house with a bomb.

They survive the blast and return home for the day, making contact with Willow as she may be key to defeating Amy Madison.

Amy manages to make Tiffany believe she has accidentally killed some innocent bystanders, and she runs off, Sandi and Quinn approach Daria for help finding Tiffany, but this does not stop Daria, Jane, Amanda, Willow and Kennedy from setting up a grid search for Amy's new base.

Kennedy and Daria happen across it and Amy, upon sensing Kennedy's presence, sends her entire force after them. Daria, packing a MAC-10, manages to suppress the attack and reduce the vampires attacking Kennedy.

Everyone else converges on them, and the vampire army retreats. Willow manages to make one of them radioactive as Amy uses a spell to bring a heavy fog down to assist them in their retreat.

Shaun Littleton makes his first appearance here, as does the THEG.