Beacon Terra One

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The great navigational and communications signaling device located on Nova Valdris, near the primary headquarters of the Ringbearers, Beacon Terra One allows the Corps of Ringbearers to communicate and travel freely through the Multiverse, monitor activities of their members and other groups and individuals of interest.

Beacon Terra One also generates continuous signals on standard, subspace and inter-dimensional communications channels, which provides accurate trans-temporal/inter-dimensional synchronicity for any and all time-travelers moving through the multiverse who choose to use them, ensuring that they can travel to and from their own places of origin safely. The device is the size of the first World Trade Center complex on most Earths), and the primary twin transceiver arrays bear an eerie resemblance to the former 'Twin Towers' (on most Earths).

The complex where Beacon Terra One is located is under constant guard by an elite company of Ringbearers, 'gifted humans' and a full legion (3500 beings) of Corps Protection and Security Division ('CPSD') officers, and is defended by several defensive measures, including a trio of planetary siege-level forcefield generators (the energy shields generated by each can independently survive a direct strike by multiple solar flares or indefinite periods under extreme pressure (such as miles beneath an ocean, or within the atmosphere of a gas giant). In unison with Ringbearer Command Headquarters (located on the other end of the island), the complex is one of the three most heavily-guarded facilities run by the Corps.

It was revealed in the fic 'A Honey of a Deal' that the Ringbearers place sustainer array complexes on various worlds throughout the Multiverse in order to augment the signals from Beacon Terra One. The massive complexes built to support the arrays (and the communications, technical, support/housekeeping, administrative and defense forces assigned there, as the sustainer arrays are tempting targets for direct attack or sabotage) are always located within or in very close proximity to major Ringbearer bases. (For example, a pair of sustainer arrays are located on the twin worlds of New Sierra and Marrianis on Perry's World, and on the 'Lightning World' of Thurntan.)

The name of the device is a homage to a similar device on Earth, which was mentioned by the supercomputer HAL 9000 in the film 2010: The Year We Make Contact.