Cameron Aubernon

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Cameron Aubernon was a Daria fan who produced fanfic & fanart under the pennames Alexander Lamar Eldritch and, after coming out as transgender, Stefanie Acela.

Her earliest stories, written in 1998, focused on two admitted Mary Sues called Raven and Rebecca - fanfics that would have a bizarre legacy when the internet somehow mistook the fake 'condition' the Sues had, Alexandria's Genesis, for a genuine mutation that gave you superpowers. Aubernon would state on her tumblr in the 2010s that it was a "projection of my personal gender identity and body image issues that I was starting to confront in my 20s", while being based on a grabbag of influences.

In 2001, during her return as Stefanie Acela, she went into detail about how and why she'd crafted the fanfics that way (for example, naming Raven for a contemporary wrestler and borrowing famous surnames for her characters).


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