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Chris Tucker was from Boston and extremely prolific writer of Daria fanworks from between 2010 to late 2011. Sadly, he passed away in 2012.

Tucker's first fanfic was called "A work in progress. Subject to revision" and was about Daria being diagnosed with leukemia seven months before graduating, inspired by the famous line that Highland has "uranium in the drinking water". This spawned a large interlinked series of fanfics, ranging from a prequel story called "Life in Highland: The early years" up to Daria's 29th birthday in the last story, "Miles to go before I sleep". In this series, it's established Daria and Quinn are actually Helen's nieces, adopted after her sister died, and they'd suffer severe abuse and neglect.

One of his other big stories was "Pulp Fiction", where Daria joins an alliance of pulp heroes like Doc Savage, though the main Chapter One part of the story disappeared in a board glitch.

External Links[edit]

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