The 36th story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs from late December 2000 to early January 2001.

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Daria and Michael meet Quinn at the airport before Michael departs for Detroit for Christmas. It takes Daria a moment to recognize Quinn with her hair cut short. Quinn's final GPA for the semester was 1.9 and she's not looking forward to Helen finding out she's on academic probation. Back in Lawndale, Lindy announces her engagement to Trent and asks Quinn to be Maid of Honor, plus Daria and Jane as bridesmaids. Quinn joins up with Stacy and Tiffany during the holidays, but Sandi isn't in town after her parents disowned her following her testimony. Daria takes a chance and prepares another manuscript for Musings Magazine. During the week, Daria and Jane discover that Mack and Jodie broke up.

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