Crimson Sunset

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A Stacy-centric ficlet by Angelinhel.

Nominated for the 2004 Crappie for "'Well Duh.' Most Heavy-Handed Foreshadowing".

Plot Summary[edit]

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

The Fashion Club is sitting at a table in Pizza King, planning a trip to Cashman's. Sandi subtly insults Stacy, as she is wearing white after Labor Day, a common fashion no-no. In the hopes of returning to her good graces, Stacy volunteers to pay for the pizza that they've ordered.

When she goes to the cash register to pay and pick up their order, a drug-crazed man barrels into the restaurant and demands money from the cashier. Terrified, Stacy tries to remain quiet but the robber notices her and the money in her hand. Too scared to react, she involuntarily clenches her hand, resisting the robber who has tried to take the money from her. In the ensuing struggle, the robber's gun goes off, startling Stacy enough that she lets go of the cash. The robber flees and Stacy sinks to the floor in shock.

Her friends rush to her side as 911 is called. Stacy bravely tells Sandi she used the method for coordinating outfits Sandi had taught her to remember what the thief was wearing so she could identify him to police. Stacy basks in her friend's comforting presence, unaware she's been fatally shot. She dies thinking she's finally found acceptance.


  • Many readers failed to notice the description of the "bright red stain had soaked through Stacy’s once white t-shirt, turning it the exact shade of red that Waif hailed as fall’s hottest hue," indicating she had been shot in the chest, and mistakenly believed her only to be having one of her usual panic attacks.

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