Daria, or the Confession of a Single Lonely Male

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Daria, or the Confession of a Single Lonely Male is a fanfiction by Arena del Sur. It is a crossover with Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita, which started as a joke in a World's Shortest Crossover thread and ended up a 65,000 word story.

Unlike the novel, there is no sexual assault - but it's still a crossover with Lolita, and will not be for all readers. It should be considered 'R rated'.

In order to deviate from the plot of the original novel, this tale is filled with strange and dark personal allusions of the author, many references to Apocalypse Now, West Side Story and Shakespeare, and literal translations of Argentinian rock song lyrics.


  • The name of the Highland law firm where Helen works is a reference to classical pianists Martha Argerich, Hélène Grimaud, Leon Fleisher and Rudolf Serkin.

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