Daria and the Gang

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Daria and the Gang is the title given to a loose collection of stories posted on the Paperpusher's Message Board by Roentgen. The stories are mostly one shot comedies (save for some exceptions) and do not follow each other. They generally focus on Daria but can be about any character.

List of Stories[edit]

(*) indicates non-comedy.

Tiffalicious Tiffany's diet goes awry.

Sis Boob Bah Brittany thinks about getting surgery.

StaCee TV Stacy, meet reality TV. Reality TV, meet Stacy.

Babysitter Four-year old Daria Morgendorffer defends the home of the Morgendorffers.

Spins Sandi almost commits the perfect crime.

La Tigresse On the recruitment failures of the Fashion Club. (Daria/Community)

The Curse of El Smoocho A kissing bandit strikes Lawndale, and Daria is determined to solve the mystery. A five-part story.

'Chillin With the Brisco Daria is not up on the new lingo.

Crazy for Fashion The new fashion at Lawndale High is insanity.

Flappable Tom's parents are unhappy with his new choice of girlfriend.

Congratulations Sandi calls Daria after Daria tells Jane that she kissed Tom.

Sisters Daria lives life as Jane's sister and Sandi's sister - a seven-part story. (*)

Their Satanic Majesties Request Daria makes a deal with Old Scratch himself.

The Glory of the Gridiron The tale of Jane Bowl I is told.

Our Founding Father George Washington requests help from Daria and Jane.

The Brittrix Brittany is wired into the social network, it seems.

The First Law of Identity There are some things that can't be said in public, if you know what I mean....

The Secret Shame If you're a male who wants to pass biology under Ms. Barch, you have to do things you're not proud of....

The Smiling Menace The Doctor informs his new companions Daria and Quinn about a great threat to the universe...but who is the secret enemy that must be unmasked? (Daria/Doctor Who)

Revenge of the Attack During the (ex-)Fashion Club's senior year, a new Brooke-led Fashion Club pops up. It's war.

The Light of the Charge Brigade Stacy crashes the American economy.

The Virtue of Cynicism Daria's thoughts about Ayn Rand. (*)

Hoop Dreams Sandi's dream is to play in the WNBA, and she has a scheme that just might work....

Mean Green Don't Make Mr. O'Neill angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Auld Leg Syne Kevin gets off to the wrong start on New Year's Day.

Making a Stand Mack and Jodie have some trouble way down in Alabama....

The Invitation (Abandoned Version) Daria takes her two new friends to Brittany's party. (Daria/The Beverly Hillbillies)

Fear: Daria doesn't have irrational fears. Or does she?

Squad 88: As the Chinese invade Lawndale, Squad 88 is activated for what will be its final mission. (*)

Different Circumstances: As Tom marries Jane, he thinks about how it could have turned out differently. (*)

Know When to Fold 'Em: Never play cards with Tiffany.

Someone Call a Doctor: A Daria character has (more than) nine lives, it seems.... (Daria/Doctor Who)

Song of the South: Now we know why Daria doesn't have a Southern accent.

Royal Wedding: A highly implausible wedding takes place.

Inner Life: What does Mack Mackenzie think about while in class? (Daria/Community)

PIGS in Space: Living embodiments of holidays in the Daria universe? What about countries?

Deck the Halls: Sequel to The Curse of El Smoocho. Brittany tries to get Daria into the Christmas spirit. (Daria/Community)

Girl Grope: Daria and other Lawndale students are cajoled into forming a girl band.

Calling the Kettle Black: Daria is exposed to the evils of marijuana.

Vive Le Boom: Brittany did it for the lulz.