A post-canon dystopian novella by The Angst Guy about a future theocratic America (or at least 2017 was the future in 2005) and its effects on the lives of members of the Daria cast, while the world tumbles into blasphemy and war.

Daria Lane is a mortician, ironically fulfilling the prediction of her career aptitude test in the episode, "It Happened One Nut." She lives in rural Montana near Helena.

The story inverts many of the standard fanon tropes:

  • Rather than being firm friends throughout their lives, Daria and Jane are estranged from one another;
  • Daria is married to Trent, who is now an abusive alcoholic;
  • Daria's closest friend is now Amelia, her hanger-on from the episode, "Camp Fear," who is the sheriff of their county.

Veronica Morgendorffer also appears as Daria's half-sister.

The story is marginally an alternate-universe tale, as the county where the tale takes place is actually the southwest corner of Lewis and Clark County, here made a separate entity.

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