Ethan Yeager is the teenage son of Coyote and Willow Yeager. Although he doesn't explicitly reject his parents' anti-materialist views, he seems to hold them in a certain amount of contempt. He speaks in a monotone similar to Daria's and he comes off as indifferent and a little bitter about his life. He describes Quinn as cute "in a shallow, superficial way".

Ethan Yeager
First appearance That Was Then, This Is Dumb
Last appearance That Was Then, This Is Dumb
Voiced by Louis Hirsch
Episode count 1
Gender Male
Age ?
Occupation ?
Family Coyote Yeager (father)
Willow Yeager (mother)
Significant other(s)

Ethan in Canon Edit

Ethan appears with the rest of the Yeagers in the episode, "That Was Then, This Is Dumb", emerging from the Yeagers' yellow VW Beetle after Daria has already decided to escape to Jane's. Quinn is immediately transfixed by the presence of a handsome boy and quickly agrees to hang around the house in an attempt to get blackmail material—and get to know Ethan.

Ethan seems to be moody and taciturn by nature. He displays no interest in conversing with Jake and Helen, dismisses his father's statement that he is "gonna rock climb. When he's ready," with a mumbled "Whatever," and rebuffs Quinn's first overtures. When she shows him around the house, he chooses to stay in Daria's room, describing it as "cool." Later, he sees his father and Jake on the Beetle drinking berry juice and notes acidly that Coyote "let the berry juice ferment again." He then takes Quinn for a slush cup (which she pays for) and spills some dirt on her parents.

Ethan in Fanfic Edit

While Ethan's appearances in fanfic aren't that frequent, he is the main character of Potential by The Angst Guy. He is the main character of Ethan Yeager in Lawndale by Shiva.