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Shiva is a Daria fan who in 2012 turned into a writer of Daria fanfics, posts under the name Shiva-J at In RL, he lives in Indiana with a cat named Whiskey and outside the Daria-fandom, he enjoys watching movies, playing video and computer games, reading, and collecting Buddha statues and Nutcrackers. The first episode that he saw was That Was Then, This Is Dumb and became an instant fan.

In terms of fanfic style, Shiva has proven fond of unusual 'ships (despite being a self-declared fan of Daria/Tom), mixing genres, and doing multiple series at the same time.

Despite his relatively recent entry into writing fan fiction, Shiva is easily one of the most prolific Daria fan fiction writers ever. The sheer volume of his work, as well as the quality of his writings, have made Shiva easily comparable to some of the most acclaimed Daria fandom writers of all (such as The Angst Guy, to whom Shiva has been deemed his "spiritual successor").

Daria Fanfiction List[edit]


Ethan Yeager in Lawndale: a serial inspired by the lack of gay male stories in the fandom, in which, unsurprisingly, Ethan Yeager moves permanently to Lawndale.

Emory Barksdale: What if Amy Barksdale had been born a guy? Well as Emory Barksdale enters Daria's life we're about to find out.

Sexy Daria: Meet Daria Morgendorffer, a beautiful sex bomb who used her looks to become the most popular girl in Highland, and plans to do the same as she comes to Lawndale. But with a toxic family life, can Daria be both herself and sexy? Well maybe the Alice in Wonderland pinup on her lowerback can answer that for her...

Mack the Esteemer: On her first day at Lawndale Daria bumps into fellow prisoner of the Esteem course... Mack Mackenzie.

Victor Morgendorffer: As the Morgendorffers move to Lawndale, how different would things be if Daria and Quinn had a little brother named Victor in middle school? Well, this is his story...

The Punk and the Snark: In DeMartino's class, Bob and Daria talk and find something in common... Bob/Daria shipping. As told in short ficlets.

Darkeresteemers:What if instead of meeting Jane in the Self-Esteem course, Daria met a teenage Brian Taylor instead?

Iron Chef Contributions[edit]

An Average Girl:Based of an Iron Chef challenge where Stacy never joins the Fashion Club, this is her life as an average girl...

The Tree of the Three Lies:Based of an Iron Chef challenge where the Fashion Club was NEVER created, Jane tells Daria about the Tiffany Blum-Deckler Memorial Tree, and Stacy tells them how she died.

Contents of a Time Capsule:Based off an PPMB Iron Chef involving Daria and Religion, what happens in the real world if your's truly puts a complete DVD set of Daria the TV Show into a Time Capsule? 3210 AD is when we'll find out.

Solo Stories[edit]

See Kevin Run His Mouth: A twist on the end of 'See Jane Run' sees everything undone by the one idiot that couldn't keep his mouth shut.

At the Lake Cabin: A post-canon piece Tom/Daria shipper where Tom is thinking about how he and Daria reconnected after High School.

Dawn's F Word: A look at Backgrounder Dawn and why she was reading 'The Bell Jar' after completing Mr. O'Neill's Failure Assignment.

The Ten Year Reunion Letter: A grown up Daria is told by her husband that she got a letter inviting her to her ten year high school reunion, and who is this husband? Why good old Tommy Sherman, but one that was Daria's age in High School.

Glitterfaced: Quinn is at the end of her rope as her addiction to the Glitterberries drives her from the pinnacle of power that it has given her.

The Towel Boy the QB Find Love: Kevin finds love and learns his father's deepest secrets from the same unexpected source, Wind Lane.

Ultimate Revenge Stacy: Stacy gets her revenge, in the most ultimate way. 'Nuff said.

Sandi and the Hurricane: In honor of Hurricane Sandy, here is how Sandi Griffin would react to something named in 'her honor'.

Fallen off the Cliff: Jodie finds release and madness when her sanity breaks.

If Quinn Had Stayed: In Gifted, Quinn tried to stay at Stacy's but was weirded out and fled to Jane's. But what if she had stayed at Stacy's instead?

Scenes that Should Not Be[edit]

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Shiva's Scenes that Should Not Be 2014 Present Collection

Scenes that Should Be[edit]

Daria Fanworks Award Wins[edit]

2012 Daria Fanworks Awards

  • Favorite Romance – Straight for Unexpected Hookup #1: First Taste
  • Favorite Romance – Gay/Lesbian (tie) for Ethan Yeager in Lawndale #1: Ethan Yeager Rising
  • Favorite Use of a Background or Supporting Character from the Television Series (tie) for Ethan Yeager in Lawndale #1: Ethan Yeager Rising
  • Favorite Weird Idea for The Adventures of Nurse Goodnsexy
  • Favorite New Series (split vote) for Mack the Esteemer & Unexpected Hookup
  • Favorite New Author

2020 Daria Fanworks Awards

  • Favorite Alternate Universe If Quinn Had Stayed… (IC : Quinn stayed at Stacy's place)