Every Dog Has His Day

Every Dog Has His Day is a song by Mystik Spiral. It was performed at Brittany's party in the episode Groped by an Angel.

It features lead vocals by Trent, enhanced by barking and howling from the rest of the band.

It was offered as a download by Reburb. They state: "A collaboration between Trent and Jesse (Jesse's comment, 'I really like dogs,' gave Trent the idea). An anthropomorphic lament, drenched with confusion, anger, and painful barre chords. Debut performance at a high school party for a cheerleader which really ruined their credibility for a while. There were pigs in a blanket, though, so it wasn't a total washout."

Lyrics Edit

you put me on a short leash and threw away my hydrant

you ate up all my kibble now my coat's no longer vibrant

my nose is dry and chapped but this puppy's here to stay

scratch my belly baby, every dog has its day rrrrraaaaaaawooooooooooo!! rrrrraaaaaaawooooooooooo!!