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Fhujeth, also known as Emily Dembs, is a fanartist, writer, and fan actor who joined in late November of 2011, after having somehow stumbled upon the series in a stupour.


Fhujeth (Fhujeth_x on PPMB), is a psychopathic werewolf current residing in Detroit, Michigan. Fhujeth graduated from High School in the year 2009 with a 2.5 GPA. She was known for being the "weird" girl in school, having written several essays that would have made Daria beyond proud. (Including one about Dr. Jack Kevorkian and one about the assassination and conspiracy of J.F.K's murder and Lee Harvey Oswald.) She attended college for two and a half semesters before realizing that unless you are going to be a doctor or something, college is a waste of time.

Outside of the fandom, Fhujeth is a professional actress, treasure hunter, and antique collector. She specializes in early American, British Colonial, and Civil War era currency, paper work, and artifacts. She also has a soft spot for early computer hardware - sleeping in bed with an Amstrad PPC 640 on occasion.

Fhujeth became an active patron of the Interwebs in 2004. She hasn't left since. No one is sure when she is going to leave or how, but she will... that or the Internet will leave her.

Working Fhuj[edit]

Fhujeth doesn't like the idea of work. Work should be fun, educational, and not dead end. Thus she chooses carefully when it comes time to play with job stuff.

She started off working at a Trading Card Store selling exactly that... and gold, silver, and coins. She was there for nearly two years before she said that it was time to leave. The work became tedious, she was being underpaid, and the boss was batshit nuts.

When that passed she decided to become an actress. Well, that's her job now.

She still doesn't attend school and takes acting classes from Erin Fitzgerald and Q&A of the film industry (plus pretty much a lot more stuff that Erin doesn't cover) from America Young. Both of them have offered her INSANE advice and have helped her more than any acting class could EVER offer.

Fhujeth also does graphic design as a hobby. She has done it professionally but prefers to do acting. She does do graphics when she is hired to, however. She has made a few autograph cards and been asked to, in the future from now, make a movie poster.


Secrets of Lawndale is an alternate universe series in which several characters are various monsters living in secrecy within Lawndale.

::After the Disaster and the Five Stages of Grief:: is a pre-canon fanfiction about Tiffany Blum-Deckler and the events that follow after she is injured in a car accident.

Sandi: Well... This Sucks features Sandi starting to change after being bitten by something that was definitely not a wolf.

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