Gardner Principle

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Named after 'F. Fox Gardner' (an anthropomorphic version of Gardner F. Fox) who actually IS a fox and responsible for the creation of the Just'a Lotta Animals, the Gardner Principle is a hypothesized principle and mechanism that both explains the 'creation' of the Multiverse, and allows the Multiverse (including the Daria Multiverse) to be explored by the persons within any single universe/reality.

As theorized by Gardner in the Captain Carrot two-part episode "Crisis On Earth-C!", when a writer envisions a world and the events within, he or she is actually subconsciously viewing the events on another world as they actually have occurred, are occurring, or will eventually occur. Therefore, the Gardner Principle (in application to 'Daria') posits that the creation of 'any' work of Daria fan fiction is actually the 'author' or 'producer' subconsciously viewing the events within a different, yet parallel reality within the Daria Multiverse, and the 'quality' of any specific work is in fact directly conjoined to the author's ability to envision and glean information from that alternate reality.(As Roger Rodney Rabbit said, when listening to Gardner, "And all this time, I thought it was just talent!")

Although unproven, the Gardner Principle, if true, would be the strongest evidence yet for the belief held by many alien cultures (The Dominators and The Celestials foremost among them) that humanity is a blossoming 'super-race' with the potential for immense psionic and mystic powers, and that while humanity is in its genetic and evolutionary infancy, growing examples of its future potentials (metahumanity, homo Sapiens Superior, or 'mutants' and mystically-empowered adepts) are rising to the forefront even at this point.