Guy Moore is an animator and director of animated television who worked on Daria since partway through Season 1. He directed or shared directing credit on at least 13 episodes and "Is It Fall Yet?" and was an animation director for "Is It College Yet?". According to Moore, a caricture of him can be seen "as one of the employees in the dollar store in the mall, and the guy running the Cheese Shop in the mall. And the Pope at the medieval fair." (You can also see him shoving a small kid into a swimming pool in "Is it Fall Yet?")

Guy Moore as he appears in Daria: Behind the Scenes
Caricture of Moore in "Fair Enough"
Caricature of Guy Moore in "Malled"

In 2014, he revealed that he'd pitched a Lower Deck Episode: since the voiceless background characters appeared enough that viewers could recognise them, how about an episode "following THOSE characters as they talked and interacted with each other, and then have Daria and Jane in the background of all THEIR shots. But when I mentioned that to Karen, she laughed and said, “Ugh… We already get letters from the fans complaining that we don’t spend enough time on Daria and Jane. We could never do it.“"

He likes that the writers did The Kiss and explored "the mess of having all your relationships change because you got caught off guard by new feeling", but considers Tom Sloane to be quite bland.

His other credits as a director include work on the Beavis and Butt-head film, Codename: Kids Next Door and Word World.

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