In Search of Amy is a fanfic by Kara Wild, written in spring of 2000.

Background edit

This fanfic was originally part of a "package" known as Abruptly Amy (the Spinoff That Never Was).

Summary edit

In Search of Amy is a "making of" special that preceded the pilot, Abruptly Amy: A New Beginning. It goes behind the scenes to look at what motivated the creator, Alan Smithee, the reactions of the Daria cast, and the feedback from devoted fans like Amy Terwilliger.

Trivia edit

  • According to Amy (the animated actress, not the character), her father used to act in Hanna Barbera cartoons.
  • We learn that as of 2000, Quinn's real age is 23 and Sandi's real age is 26. Sandi is married and does not speak with a Valley Girl accent in real life.
  • Amy's outburst regarding her extremely devoted fans was a nod to a similar "outburst" from William Shatner during a Saturday Night Live skit, in which he is addressing a Star Trek convention.
  • An extensive feud went on behind the scenes between Amy and Jane, who was resentful that she was passed over for a spinoff. Jane would later reassess her feelings once she saw the low quality of Amy's spinoff show.
  • Before writing this fanfic, Wild asked several fans to give her their opinions of Amy and Andrea. She then worked their quotes into the fanfic as though they were live interviews. She would employ a similar technique with the "screen captures" for Abruptly Amy: A New Beginning.

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