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One of the earliest Daria fanfiction authors (active primarily in 1998 and 1999) Invisigoth Gypsy (also known as 'IvG') was a classic shipper-writer. Author of the IVG Continuum, where she concentrated primarily on Daria/Trent shipperfics.

Invisigoth Gypsy is unique in her writings, as she chose to concentrate only on the trials and tribulations of Daria and Trent becoming a couple; she ended the series at the end of The Disney World Story, just after Daria and Trent kissed for the first time.

Her major works include The Disney World Story, Conformity For Hire (introduces the band Conformity For Hire - aside from the Back Alley Name Droppers, one of the few named bands in Daria fan fiction), Silver Goddess (tells the story of how Aunt Amy, back in the 1980's, was a member of a band named Silver Goddess), and Good-Weird/Bad-Weird, a pair of experimental fics depicting unususal romantic entanglements within the 'Daria' cast.

Invisigoth Gypsy also ran her own Daria-based web site, seven: trent lane. The site has long since disappeared from the Internet.

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