Karen Myerson is an origianl character developed by Richard Lobinske that was Daria's freshman year roommate at Raft in the series, Falling Into College. She joined Daria and Jane in sharing an apartment the following year. A very close friend of both Daria and Jane, she was instrumental in Daria's personal growth during her college years. (For example, she forced Daria to admit the potential she had for potentially developing an eating disorder in "Freshman Spread"). Karen has also acted as a general sounding board and shoulder to cry on. Daria returned the favor in "Broken Star," when her husband Derek Adler was injured in battle and Karen revealed that they had been secretly married since January 28, 2002 during the events of "A Star for the Window". After Derek's return from Afghanistan, they held a ceremony for friends and relatives on December 21, 2002 ("Christmas in White")

Karen by RLobinske

Karen was raised on the family farm in south Georgia and was a Pre-Veterinarian major, working at the Franklin Park Zoo. She's known for her colorful language, especially that directed at her computer. Having lost a close friend to bulimia in high school, she's sensitive about eating disorders and body image. Her parents are Maddie and Geoff, and she has an older brother Terry. Terry and his wife Jill have a son, Wayne. Back on the farm, Karen has a black mare named Elvira. She is a fan of The Dixie Chicks and listens to them regularly.

In post-series continuity, she completed her DVM degree in 2007 and found a job as an equine veterinarian in Florida. On May 25, 2009, her daughter Eve was born.

First appears in the story, "Boarding the Raft."

Karen Model Sheet by Drocem
Karen at the Vet School by Drocem
Karen at the Zoo by Drocem