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LadieTAG, also known as LadieT and Di, is a Daria fanfic author. She is best known for cheerful works, which led to her being named a Cheer Lord. She is equally capable of angst writing, depending on her mood.

She lives in Greenville, South Carolina. As you can tell by the handle, TAG is very fond of her. Very very fond. Hot little minx, oh yes.

When Cheer Met Angst[edit]

When TAG and LadieTAG (LadieT at the time) first met in July 2011 for an innocent Dariacon, Cupid got in a drunken stupor caused by breathing St. Patrick’s Day's alcoholic breath, and he struck the two with love darts, which turned them into passion-crazed weasels, but you probably didn't need to read that. Little did they know that they would hurl the world of Daria fandom into CHAOS. A Cheer Lord and an Angst Lord dating?? What would happen next, cats and dogs getting condos together?? Then July 2012 came and along with it, a true sign of the Apocalypse: they got married. Soon, the building of bomb shelters spread throughout the land and people ran into the streets in a panic, praying for mercy. Okay, not really, but it could have happened.

What’s next for the two? Who knows. They sure don't. In any event, you can be certain that calamity and craziness and zombie penguins will follow in their wake.


  • Between the Boards
  • Christmas Snow
  • Correction
  • Daria/Dorian
  • Daria - The Next Chapter
  • "Gifted" From Jane's POV
  • The Graduation Gift
  • The Greatest Gift
  • Jane Morgendorffer
  • Janet Barch in My Life as a Tween Queen
  • The Lane That Wasn't
  • Life After Highland
  • One Year Later
  • Promises
  • The Question
  • Tattoos and Tequila Don't Mix
  • Ten Years
  • There's Something Furry in Denmark
  • Undefeated
  • The Weight of Conscience
  • Where Do We Go From Here?

Daria Fanworks Awards[edit]

7th Daria Fanworks Awards Favorite Fantasy

  • The Lane That Wasn't

Favorite Jane Story

  • The Lane That Wasn't


Favorite Romance - Gay/Lesbian

  • Undefeated

Favorite Holiday Story

  • Christmas Snow

Favorite New Series

Favorite New Author

8th Daria Fanworks Awards


Favorite Romance - Gay/Lesbian

Favorite Ongoing Series

9th Daria Fanworks Awards


Favorite Romance - Gay/Lesbian

  • One Year Later