"Lane Splitting" is a post-canon fanfic by WellTemperedClavier. The story revolves around Jane, a few months after the series ends, discovering that Vincent Lane is not her biological father. Instead, she's the daughter of Amanda Lane and a Japanese-American folk (and later glam metal) musician named Edwin Matsuoka. Trent was another product of this union (incidentally, Vincent knows about it and is cool with it--they just never got around to telling their kids). Jane sets off to connect with her biological father, but starts getting some red flags about who he is.

Trivia Edit

WellTemperedClavier was inspired to write this after showing a few episodes of Daria to a friend, who thought that the Lanes were supposed to be Asian-American. Indeed, there's been a fair amount of discussion regarding Jane's precise ethnicity. WellTemperedClavier himself is of partial Japanese descent.

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