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Submission Guidelines[edit]

The fanfic and fanart submission forms are pretty self-explanatory, but here's some additional information if you have questions. Anything with a star next to it is required information.

  • Name: This is where your name goes, duh. You can use whatever you want, but we recommend using whatever handle you use elsewhere in the fandom, as this makes it easier for people to find your works.
  • Email: You can include your email address if you'd like people who view your work to be able to email you.
  • Title: The title of your fanfic or fanart. If it's part of a series, include the series name and the number of the fic at the beginning of the title, i.e. "The Generic Series 3: Trouble With People".
  • Short Description: A brief summary of the piece, or teaser if you will.
  • Tags: A couple of keywords that can be used to categorize the fic. Names of the central characters, series' name, major themes, etc make good tags. This is optional, but we strongly recommend you put something in, as it produces better search results.
  • Classification: The work's content rating. "General" is the same as it is for movies, "Mature" is equivalent to PG/PG-13, "18+" is equivalent to R, and "AO" is equivalent to X. Anything that includes graphic descriptions/depictions of nudity and sex acts should be rated AO. Note this does not mean everything that involves sex or nudity has to be rated AO: if you'd see it on network television, a Mature rating is sufficient. AO-rated content is only accessible in The Zon.

Fanfic-only Guidelines Just copy-paste your fic from your word processor into the field labeled "Begin your entry here". Note that if you include the title/author/description information here, it will show up twice when people actually view your fic. Plain text is best, but if you have some formatting you'd like to keep (bold, italics, images) the submission engine can handle some basic HTML tags. Supported tags include:

    * Bold, <b>
    * Italic, <i>
    * List, <li>
    * Emphasis, <em>
    * Strong Emphasis, <strong>
    * Level 1 Heading, <h1>
    * Level 2 Heading, <h2>
    * Level 3 Heading, <h3>
    * Level 4 Heading, <h4>
    * Level 5 Heading, <h5>
    * Level 6 Heading, <h6>
    * Image, <img>
    * Subscript, <sub>
    * Underline, <u>
    * Horizontal Line, <hr>
    * Link, <a>
    * Paragraph, <p>

Fanart-only Guidelines Only JPEG, GIF, and PNG image files are accepted. There's no size limits, but we would encourage you to keep them within reason.

Re-submitting Content If you need to re-submit something for some reason, add RESUBMIT to the front of the title. This will tell the moderators to delete the old version. If you just want to make a change to your name, email, title, description, tags, or classification, please email us instead and we'll make the edit from the backend.

Other Information If something goes wrong and a corrupted version of your work gets submitted, we'll attempt to contact you through PPMB, SFMB, #Daria, AIM, or your email (if we have that). This is rare, though, so don't worry.

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