Lynn Quinn Michaelis

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Lynn Quinn Michaelis
Lynn Quinn Michaelis

Lynn Quinn Michaelis, more commony known as "L. Quinn Michaelis," is an alternate universe version of Quinn from Aaron Solomon (ben Saul Joseph) Adelman and Barry Eshkol Adelman's Daria the Movie.

L. Quinn Michaelis is the only daughter of Helen and Jake Michaelis and Daria's cousin. Sharp, calculating, and sexy in the tradition of teen movie alpha females, L. Quinn Michaelis is "bad news." She is unafraid to display her intelligence and excels at school, but nonetheless hides a vision problem with prescription "sunglasses." The same age as Daria, she was a one-time companion and is now a fierce rival.

In Daria the Movie, Quinn is played by Keri Russell.


The Adelman brothers used a subplot from John Berry's "The Education of Dumber Than a Tree" as inspiration for "Quinn" being a middle, not first, name.

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