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Memory Road was written by Kara Wild in June 2002 and is the twentieth installment of the Driven Wild Universe. It is the second of two parts. Like most other installments, it is written in quasi-script form with three Acts and commercials.

The story's title comes from Quinn in "Boxing Daria," when she means to say "memory lane" but misquotes the phrase.


Helen's memories of the time before Amy's birth provoke her sister's rage, and Amy challenges Helen to figure out whether she really loves Jake. Meanwhile, when Daria and Quinn discover a secret that Jake has been hiding, they struggle to face a devastating future.

"Memory Road" is perhaps the most powerfully written chapter in all of the DWU. The dramatic struggles of the dysfunctional Morgendorffer family rise to Shakespearean level, and the conclusion is both wrenching and, oddly, hopeful.

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