Oakwood High School

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Oakwood High School is a rival to Lawndale High School and located in nearby Oakwood.

The sports teams are called "the Taproots" and in Season 1, the quarterback was named Sam Stack. Cleatopia.com lists the quarterback as Teddy Wozniak, with the runningbacks as Etan O'Malley and Kyle Fant. Brittany is known to have had a fling with Stack ("The Lab Brat") and possibly Wozniak as well ("Life in the Past Lane," Cleotopia.com).

We see a match between Lawndale and Oakwood in "A Tree Grows in Lawndale"; with Kevin out of game, the Lions lose badly.

Quinn's diary in "The Daria Diaries" makes not of a Fashion Club "after school debate" with an Oakwood group: "Spiral Curls versus the Straight Haired look".