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A relatively new writer of Daria fanfic, peetz5050 became active in the Daria fandom in early February of 2012. The writer's main claim to fame came from his series The Mageborn Cynic (which came from an entry made in the 'Iron Chef' thread entitled 'Daria and the School of Magic'.

Written Work[edit]

... Meanwhile, in the universe next door1 (Complete)

The Aeronauts, a Steampunk Romance 23 (Complete)

One Night With Kevin - Something terrible has happened, fortunately Kevin was nearby to come to the rescue. 4 (Complete)

Little Green Cap (A sequel to One Night With Kevin) 5 (Complete)

One Little Thing - It's 2011 and Daria Morgendorffer, newly arrived high-school sophomore, has just made a new friend but something's missing in her life and she doesn't write anymore... 67 (In Progress)

Wednesday Afternoon - It had been a quiet day until the police sirens were heard in the distance, getting closer... 8 (In Progress - On Hold)

We don't talk about it - What's the story about this mysterious third Morgendorffer sister? A response to an IC on PPMB (Parts 1,2 & 3, contributions to an Iron Chef challenge re Veronica Morgendorffer) 9 (Complete)

Objects in the mirror [10] (Complete)

Freewheelin' - A response to the IC: Disabled Daria on PPMB 1112 (In Progress)

Ocean City (Parts 1 & 2, contributions to an Iron Chef challenge re Random Pairings: Brittany Taylor/Mack Mackenzie)1314 (Complete)

Rapture (One off, contribution to an Iron Chef challenge re Religion)15 16 (Complete)

A New Direction (Response to the Iron Chef: My Dad the Director on PPMB) (In Progress)17 18 What would life be like for the Morgendorffers if Jake was actually a successful film director?

The Foundling (Complete) What if Daria really wasn't Quinn's sister? 19

Fan Art[edit]

Daria - Rock Goddess [20]

Various Daria related fanart on 21

Daria Fanworks Awards[edit]

2012 Daria Fanworks Awards

  • Favorite New Author nominee