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Quinn's Code is an alternate universe series by cfardell_Brenorenz29, where Quinn Morgendorffer is interested in computers and anime, rather than fashion. There is also a time-shift, with the stories occurring in the mid 2000's rather than the late 1990's.

Due to her interest in computers rather than fashion, Quinn turns down Sandi's offer to join the Fashion Club. That, combined with Quinn still being popular despite being a geek, leads to the two being enemies, rather than frenemies.


  • The Esteemsters Code: The Morgendorffer sisters start at Lawndale High. Daria still ends up in the self-esteem class, whilst Quinn joins the Computer and Programming Clubs, meeting Jodie, Mack, Jennifer and Andrea in the process. Quinn also befriends Cindy and Kristen. As a result of Quinn meeting Jennifer, she also becomes Daria's friend as well as Jane.
  • Invite of the Geek: When Kevin invites Quinn to Brittany's party, Cindy and Kristen ask if they can go along as well.
  • Cafe Geekdale: Mr. O'Neill proposes a coffee shop after a break in at a local Cybercafe. Kristen talks to Daria, and Sandi plans against Quinn.
  • Morgendorffers vs. Amazon: Quinn and Daria may not agree much, but they do agree on one thing: modeling classes at Lawndale High are not a good idea.
  • The Grounded Geek: When Daria and Quinn arrive home late one night, their parents (actually just Helen) lay down the law. Meanwhile, Lawndale High prepares for the annual Faculty vs. DJs roller hockey game.

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  • Alternapalooza: Daria and Quinn both plan to go to the Alternapalooza concert in a nearby town.
  • Blue Screen of Sherman: Lawndale High has a visitor. An egotistical alum named Tommy Sherman, who back in the day had helped the Lawndale Lions win the state championship. When Sherman dies in a tragic accident, the Morgendorffer sisters and their friends find themselves bereaved.
  • The Geek Hunter: While on a paintball field trip, Quinn finds that Sandi is gunning for her. Meanwhile, Jennifer joins Daria and Jane on their walk to the great white chark exhibit.
  • Stacy the Brain: When Stacy has to complete an essay, she finds that Sandi's behavior towards her is getting worse. Will she have to leave the Fashion Club?
  • Wedding Trouble: Quinn's cousin Erin Barksdale is getting married. Will the Barksdale clan manage to get along? And what is happening in Lawndale in their absence?
  • The Geek's Expose: Mr. O'Neill assigns his class to make their own short films. Daria chooses to make her film showing how much of a dork Quinn is.