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Quinnicitis is a scripted fanfic written by Kara Wild in fall of 2006 and May 2007. It was released in May 2007.


The fanfic's origin comes from a "Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Ever Have" segment in which Quinn, having just woken up from an apendectomy, learns with horror that the fluid from her infection had to be pumped out through her nose. Wild has experienced no such predicament, but read about it once on a medical website.

Wild pitched a more developed idea to the fan artist S.C. after he mentioned that he was interested in animating a full-length episode. After learning that he only wanted to do an episode set during the series, Wild went ahead and wrote the script for "Quinnicitis" anyway. Unlike her other fanfics, "Quinnicitis" is written in standard Industry half-hour scripted format. Wild's goal was to make the script as close to a real episode as possible, so that one could easily view it as a continuation of the series.


Quinn is running hard for Homecoming Queen, at the expense of everything else, until she is stricken by appendicitis. While recovering at home, she reevaluates what is important to her. Meanwhile, Sandi makes plans to win the Homecoming crown for herself.


Rather than follow Daria off to college, the story remains fixed in Lawndale. Daria does, however, make a cameo appearance.

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