Romonica DeGregory

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Romonica DeGregory is a scout for Amazon Modeling Agency and has an accent of unknown origin. Along with Claude, she manipulates everyone by praising their beauty and chances of being a model, even - especially - if it's a fib to steer them. It's Romonica who drafts a plump girl as the "decoy". She could shrug off Jane Lane drawing her as a vulture but not Daria explicitly insulting her.

She really wanted Quinn in the modelling class, and phoned Helen (midway through a wax job) to push her to let Quinn be in. In the class, she got them to pose with: "All right, ladies, your worst enemy is at the end of the catwalk. The one who stole your boyfriend. She has fallen and broken her leg. Your job is to tell her, without words, that you've come to watch them cut it off." She and Claude then pushed for the girls to start caressing boy's chests, which neither of them seemed to think could cause a problem.

Once Kevin was signed to Amazon, Romonica became verbally abusive of him.